Now Open | Blackwater Boating Kits LLC | Shop Now

Now Open | Blackwater Boating Kits LLC | Shop Now

Blackwater is open baby!


I am so excited to announce the opening of Blackwater Boating Kits LLC, a website dedicated to providing top-notch safety, and survival boating gear. We all know boating is fun but we also know boating can be dangerous. With the number of boaters increasing by an exponential rate we decided now was the time to start talking safety. I have spent about 20 years in, on, and under the water, and through that time I have been blessed with so many great experiences, but I’ve also been in some sketchy and wayyy to close for comfort situations, ranging from accidents to running out of gas and being stranded with no Phone and many other fun stories. Yeah, none are fun…What keeps me coming back is the confidence in being prepared for when things go wrong. That confidence comes from knowledge, research, experience, the school of hard knocks, and taking the time to have the proper gear. I want to share that knowledge and help every boater boat with a little more confidence, knowledge, and gear because quite frankly I’m tired of hearing about underprepared boaters. If someone would have told me about a couple of these things, I could have gotten myself out of bad situations much quicker and much safer. So, we plan on doing this by carrying a full range of top-quality safety, survival, and boating gear meant for everyone from the weekend boaters to the professional offshore boaters of the world. We also plan on engaging with our brands and customers to show them how and why they need some of these kits on their boat. We will be adding more brands and expanding our product lines so follow us on social media and check back to the website for special offers and announcements!


In the mean time click over to our product pages and check out some of the awesome gear we carry already!

Check out our First Aid Kits for sale by clicking here:

We carry everything from "Hey you are getting blood on my seats" to "Oh, that's a lot of blood". 

Check out our collection of cutlery by clicking here:

Every boat needs a sharp knife.

We also carry electronics that truly save lives! Check them out!



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